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Dr. Dylan Rodgers


Dr. Dylan Rodgers

(Hons.) BSc, D.C.

Dr. Rodgers is dedicated to helping patients, professionals and fellow clinicians improve their health and practice. He constantly strives to improve his practice outcomes for his patients with regular professional development in the areas of neuroscience, vestibular rehabilitation, nutrition and pain disorders.

Dylan Rodgers graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston where he completed his Bachelor of Science (Hons.) with an emphasis in human physiology and neuroanatomy. He then completed his chiropractic training at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto Ontario. Dr. Rodgers furthered his education by completing a three-year fellowship in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation at the Carrick Institute for Graduate studies.

Dr. Rodgers is fortunate enough to be recognized for his management of: post-concussion syndrome, vertigo, dizziness, movement disorders and autonomic syndromes. He has worked closely with athletes across the NHL, AHL, OHL, NFL, NCAA, and professional tennis. He is also a member of the World Federation for Neurorehabilitation.